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Delirious Biography

There are at least two projects with the name Delirious: a German thrash metal band and an Israeli psychedelic trance duo. These projects should not be confused with the band Delirious?. 1. Delirious is a thrash metal band from Germany formed in 1990. It consists of band members Andreas Supplie (Guitar), Markus Keller (Drums), Markus "Betty" Bednarek (Vocals), Christian "Spletty" Splettstößer (Bass), Alex Cwiertnia (Guitar) and have their beginnings from Testament Read more on

Delirious – Majesty (Here I Am)

(62 votes, average: 6.67 out of 10)

Here I am humbled by your Majesty Covered by your grace so free Here I am, knowing I’m a sinful man Covered by the blood of the Lamb  Now I’ve found the greatest love of all is mine Since you laid down your life The greatest sacrifice Majesty, Majesty Your grace has found me just..


Delirious – God You Are My God

(25 votes, average: 8.66 out of 10)

God you’re my god, you’re my god God you’re my god, you’re my god And i will seek you, yes i will seek you And i will seek you, yes i will seek you You satisfy my soul You satisfy my soul So i will praise you as long as i live So i will..


Delirious – God Is Smiling

(58 votes, average: 6.35 out of 10)

Open up the gates of love Turn the tide and stop the flood You’ve got my heart now, got my soul. Who is my neighbour, wheres the love? That speaks for those our world has lost It’s every heart now, it’s every soul We are one, when our beating [bleeding] hearts belong And our love..


Delirious – God In Heaven

(73 votes, average: 9.56 out of 10)

In this world i don’t belong But i’m living it I’ve found the words to heaven’s song Now i’m singing it Songs of freedom, words of love Reveal the saving grace of god The sound of heaven on this earth We’ll sing To god in heaven, be the glory To god in heaven, be the..


Delirious – Give What You’ve Got

(32 votes, average: 9.89 out of 10)

Give what you’ve got give it all that you can With the world at your feet and your life in your hands You’ve got to give it, give it, give it what you’ve got. Over the years i’ve tried to do what i could I’ve made some mistakes but the grace was so good You..


Delirious – Free

(47 votes, average: 8.75 out of 10)

I’m feeling feel fine ‘cos there’s nothing that i want to change I’m right on time For the atmosphere to rearrange ‘cos i’ve got wings so watch me fly And i’m free to be the man you want me to be I’m alive when i’m alive in you And i’m free to be the one..


Delirious – Follow

(94 votes, average: 8.60 out of 10)

I’ve found love, as deep as the ocean, And your eyes, they hit me like a train And your words serenade me like the sweetest of songs Here i find peace again, again I will follow, i will follow I will follow, i will follow There’s a song, and it’s louder than music Can you..


Delirious – Fires Burn

(91 votes, average: 9.11 out of 10)

All around the world the fires burn, They burn for you, for what is true. And your bride across the earth is pushing through, And we’re glorious when we mirror you. Oh this world’s on fire, for you are our great desire. Jesus, born to take us home, And home is where the heart is…


Delirious – Fire

(33 votes, average: 8.90 out of 10)

Fire burning from the outside to the inside out. There’s a feeling leading, pleading. Follow where it goes, Excess baggage falling, crawling. Throw it all away. My redemption actual, factual. Happening today. Holding on, to everything we have. Say goodbye to everything we love. I, i, i believe, That the fire is here today. I,..


Delirious – Find Me In The River

(74 votes, average: 6.66 out of 10)

Find me in the river Find me on my knees I’ve walked against the water Now i’m waiting if you please We’ve longed to see the roses But never felt the thorns And bought our pretty crowns But never paid the price Find me in the river Find me there Find me on my knees..