Delirious – Every Little Thing Lyrics

Song lyrics and youtube music videos for the song Every Little Thing performed by Delirious. Gospel song Every Little Thing on the voice of Delirious here on christian music videos online. Lyrics for the worship song Every Little Thing sung by christian gospel artist and singer Delirious.

Everything must change
There’s a mirror showing me the ugly truth
These bones they ache with holy fire
But i’ve got nothing to give, just a life to live
If your world is without colour
I will carry you, if you carry me

Every little thing’s gonna be alright
Every little thing’s gonna be alright [x2]

There’s no-one else to blame
I live my life between the fire and the flame
I’ve built my house where the ocean meets the land
It’s time to live again, pull my dreams out of the sand
Let your world be full of colour
I will carry you, if you carry me

When it’s all falling down on you
You’re crying out but you’re breaking in two
When it’s all crashing down on you
When there’s nothing you can do
There is someone who can carry you

Written by martin smith/stuart garrard ©2003 curious? music uk

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