Kutless – What Faith Can Do

(94 votes, average: 7.53 out of 10)

Everybody falls sometimes   Gotta find the strength to rise   From the ashes   And make a new beginning     Anyone can feel the ache   You think it’s more than you can take   But you’re stronger   Stronger than you know     Don’t you give up now   The sun..

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Audio Adrenaline – Rejoice

(88 votes, average: 8.34 out of 10)

I’ll sing this song just as long as I’m breathing And I’m feeling good, I’m feeling right Come sing a song a song of freedom Sing every morning and into the night You’ve got to tell everyone in the land Come on, come on Tell every girl, boy, woman, and man Rejoice, rejoice That God’s..

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The OC Supertones – Superfly

(43 votes, average: 7.85 out of 10)

We came with jams equipped and I I brought some rhymes to spit and I Beats to move your feet and hips and I Jesus, in these lyrics now We haven’t stayed here, all these years to be no superstars For those who thought we went away, well people here we are LP number 5..

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Audio Adrenaline – Some Kind Of Zombie

(64 votes, average: 7.29 out of 10)

I must have been confused or vain To let this evil in my brain Lord, did I enjoy the change That You made inside my heart? Oh, here they come, I?m not afraid There?s no temptation I can?t evade Stand up straight, look through the haze I begin to walk through the maze Here they..

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Addison Road – This Could Be Our Day

(36 votes, average: 9.44 out of 10)

What we do here is just the beginning New life is starting at every ending We are a part of the story unfolding This is the weight of the world we are holding This could be our day This could be our day Clearly it’s time to make a change Or i could keep sitting..

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Pocket Full Of Rocks – Come As You Are

(7 votes, average: 8.82 out of 10)

He’s not mad at you And He’s not disappointed His grace is greater still Than all of your wrong choices He is full of mercy And He is ever kind Hear His invitation His arms are open wide You can come as you are with all your broken pieces And all your shameful scars The..

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Amy Grant – Stay For A While

(87 votes, average: 8.70 out of 10)

Long time since i’ve seen your smile But when i close my eyes I remember You were no more than a child But then so was i Young and tender Time carries on I guess it always will But deep inside my heart Time stands still Stay for awhile Well it’s good to see your..

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Josh Wilson – I Refuse

(60 votes, average: 7.90 out of 10)

Sometimes I I Just Want To Close My Eyes And Act Like Everyone’s Alright When I Know They’re Not This World Needs God But It’s Easier To Stand And Watch I Could Say A Prayer And Just Move On Like Nothing’s Wrong But I Refuse ’cause I Don’t Want To Live Like I Don’t Care..

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Sanctus Real – Lead Me

(57 votes, average: 7.42 out of 10)

I look around   And see my wonderful life   Almost perfect from the outside   In picture frames I see my beautiful wife   Always smilin’   But on the inside…   I can hear her sayin’…     “Lead me with strong hands   Stand up when I can’t   Don’t leave me..

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Flyleaf – There For You

(59 votes, average: 9.80 out of 10)

Sometimes I’m a selfish fake   You’re always a true friend   And I don’t deserve you   ‘Cause I’m not there for you   Please forgive me again     I wanna be there for you   Someone you can come to   Runs deeper than my bones   I wanna be there for..

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