Casting Crowns – The Altar And The Door

(57 votes, average: 6.39 out of 10)

Careless, I am reckless I’m a wrong way traveling, slowly unraveling, shell of a man Burn out, I’m so numb now That the fire’s just an ember way down in the corner, of my cold, cold heart Lord this time, I’ll make it right Here at the altar I lay my life You’re kingdom come..

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Revive – Blink

(45 votes, average: 6.42 out of 10)

Teach me to number my days   And count every moment before it slips away   Taking all the colors before they fade to gray   I don’t want to miss even just a second more of this     It happens in a blink   It happens in a flash   It happens in..

Category: R, Artist: Revive,

Jesus Adrian Romero – Princesas Magicas

(91 votes, average: 9.57 out of 10)

Tengo dos excusas en mi mente, Para recordar mi vida ya mi casa regresar, Son un par de mágicas princesas, Con pijamas y con trenzas que juegan a ser mama. Ya se han dado cuenta que soy débil, Y con solo una sonrisa pueden todo conseguir, De mi corazón se han vuelto dueñas Y me..

Category: J, Artist: Jesus Adrian Romero,

Kerrie Roberts – No Matter What

(63 votes, average: 8.32 out of 10)

I’m running back to your promises one more time, Lord that’s all I can hold on to, I gotta say this has taken me by surprise, but nothing surprises you. Before a heartache can ever touch my life, it has to go through Your hands, and even though I keep asking why, I keep asking..

Category: K, Artist: Kerrie Roberts,

Addison Road – What Do I Know Of Holy

(17 votes, average: 8.56 out of 10)

Made you promises a thousand times I tried to hear from heaven But i talked the whole time I think i made you too small I never feared you at all no If you touched my face would i know you? Looked into my eyes could i behold you? What do i know of you..

Category: A, Artist: Addison Road, Genres: Rock,

Delirious – God You Are My God

(25 votes, average: 8.66 out of 10)

God you’re my god, you’re my god God you’re my god, you’re my god And i will seek you, yes i will seek you And i will seek you, yes i will seek you You satisfy my soul You satisfy my soul So i will praise you as long as i live So i will..

Category: D, Artist: Delirious,

Delirious – God Is Smiling

(58 votes, average: 6.35 out of 10)

Open up the gates of love Turn the tide and stop the flood You’ve got my heart now, got my soul. Who is my neighbour, wheres the love? That speaks for those our world has lost It’s every heart now, it’s every soul We are one, when our beating [bleeding] hearts belong And our love..

Category: D, Artist: Delirious,

Delirious – God In Heaven

(73 votes, average: 9.56 out of 10)

In this world i don’t belong But i’m living it I’ve found the words to heaven’s song Now i’m singing it Songs of freedom, words of love Reveal the saving grace of god The sound of heaven on this earth We’ll sing To god in heaven, be the glory To god in heaven, be the..

Category: D, Artist: Delirious,

Delirious – Give What You’ve Got

(32 votes, average: 9.89 out of 10)

Give what you’ve got give it all that you can With the world at your feet and your life in your hands You’ve got to give it, give it, give it what you’ve got. Over the years i’ve tried to do what i could I’ve made some mistakes but the grace was so good You..

Category: D, Artist: Delirious,

Delirious – Free

(47 votes, average: 8.75 out of 10)

I’m feeling feel fine ‘cos there’s nothing that i want to change I’m right on time For the atmosphere to rearrange ‘cos i’ve got wings so watch me fly And i’m free to be the man you want me to be I’m alive when i’m alive in you And i’m free to be the one..

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