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Kirk Franklin (born January 26, 1970 in Riverside, Texas) is a platinum-selling musician who blended gospel, hip hop, and R&B in the 1990s. He released his first gospel album, Kirk Franklin & Family, in 1993, and is known as the leader of contemporary gospel choirs such as Kirk Franklin & the Family, Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation, and God's Property. A native of Fort Worth, Texas, he was raised by his aunt, Gertrude Franklin. He developed a talent for music early Read more on

Kirk Franklin – I Smile

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I dedicate this song to recession, Depression and unemployment. This song’s for you. Today’s a new day, but where is the sunshine. Nothing but clouds, and it’s dark in my heart And it feels like a cold night. Today’s a new day, but where are my blue skies, Where is the love and the joy..