Revive – You Know

Revive: You Know ( Featuring Mac Powell)

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Revive – You Know Lyrics

I have so many dreams for my life
I’m going this way and that
I’m spending so much time worrying
About how it’s all turning out

But you know where i’ve been
And you know where i’m going
’cause you see all my plans for what they are
I lay them all down

You keep the sparrow flying in the sky
Why do i question you
The flowers of the field are beautiful
I’m a child in the arms of my father
So many times you’ve held me near
And brought me through the storm
And you never made me do it on my own
Through broken hearts and broken dreams
My hope in you is strong
There is nothing in my life you haven’t known

Revive – You Know Image

Revive – You Know

Revive – You Know
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