Delirious – Fire

Delirious? - Fire (live 2001)

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Delirious – Fire Lyrics

Fire burning from the outside to the inside out.
There’s a feeling leading, pleading.
Follow where it goes,
Excess baggage falling, crawling.
Throw it all away.
My redemption actual, factual.
Happening today.

Holding on, to everything we have.
Say goodbye to everything we love.

I, i, i believe,
That the fire is here today.
I, i, i believe,
Now the smoke in my eyes,
Has blown away. (that the fire is here to stay)

Digging deeper there’s a well,
The years have tried to hide.
Blood red freedom in my veins,
Get ready for the ride.

Tide is turning, yearning, burning,
Urging us to go.
Freedom people moving, grooving,
Never turning back.

Feel it, feel it coming on.
Have some fear, ‘cos the heat is on.
Watch it comming from the sky,
He’s riding in on his chariot of fire.
Feel it, feel it don’t give up.
We’re holding up this burning cup.
Hear it, hear it shake the ground,
The freedom people make their sound.

Written by stuart garrard/martin smith ©2001 curious? music uk

Delirious – Fire Image

Delirious – Fire

Delirious – Fire
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