Delirious – Fires Burn Lyrics

Song lyrics and youtube music videos for the song Fires Burn performed by Delirious. Gospel song Fires Burn on the voice of Delirious here on christian music videos online. Lyrics for the worship song Fires Burn sung by christian gospel artist and singer Delirious.

All around the world the fires burn,
They burn for you, for what is true.
And your bride across the earth is pushing through,
And we’re glorious when we mirror you.

Oh this world’s on fire, for you are our great desire.

Jesus, born to take us home,
And home is where the heart is.
Jesus, come and take us soon.
Your home is where my heart is.

All around the world the fires burn,
To light the way for your return,
We know one day you’ll split the sky in two,
And we will fly to be with you.

Written by delirious? ©2005 curious? music uk

Delirious – Fires Burn Videos

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