Delirious – Angel In Disguise Lyrics

Song lyrics and youtube music videos for the song Angel In Disguise performed by Delirious. Gospel song Angel In Disguise on the voice of Delirious here on christian music videos online. Lyrics for the worship song Angel In Disguise sung by christian gospel artist and singer Delirious.

Wake me up, shake me up,
Break me up and then put me back together.
Take my crown, let me drown,
Bring me round then stay with me forever.
I’ve never known love like this,
Maybe you’re an angel in disguise.

Call my name,
Somebody take me away.
Rescue me, completely.
No more shame,
Somebody take it away.
Rescue me.

Wake me up, take me up,
Feel the heat, it’s closer now than ever.
Secrets hide in the sand,
Take these bones and put me back together.
Oh, oh you’re killing me with just one kiss.
Maybe i’m an angel in your eyes.

Written by stuart garrard/martin smith ©2001 curious? music uk

Delirious – Angel In Disguise Videos

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