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Video Delirious – God Is Smiling

Delirious? - God Is Smiling

Delirious – God Is Smiling Lyrics

Open up the gates of love
Turn the tide and stop the flood
You’ve got my heart now, got my soul.
Who is my neighbour, wheres the love?
That speaks for those our world has lost
It’s every heart now, it’s every soul

We are one, when our beating [bleeding] hearts belong
And our love can be the revolution
That sees your kingdom come

God is smiling over us tonight
God is smiling over us tonight
Where hearts are broken love unites
God is smiling, god is smiling over us tonight

So we must cross the great divide
Of colour, creed of wealth and pride
Break our hearts and save us all
So can we sing a brand new song?
Where former enemies belong
It’s every heart now, every soul.

You are the centre.

Written by delirious? ©2008 curious? music uk