Delirious – Eagle Rider Lyrics

Song lyrics and youtube music videos for the song Eagle Rider performed by Delirious. Gospel song Eagle Rider on the voice of Delirious here on christian music videos online. Lyrics for the worship song Eagle Rider sung by christian gospel artist and singer Delirious.

I feel the spirits breath moving down my neck
Closer than a summers day
You’re a lion on my back
I hear the spirit speak whispering my name
Gentle as a butterfly
In a violent hurricane

I feel the spirits breath free me from the net
Flying from captivity
And the life i called a wreck
I hear the spirit speak a voice behind my eyes
It’s time for a brand new song to sing
Now i’m saying my goodbyes

I’m an eagle rider flying on your wings
And you take me higher to your beauty i will cling
I’m an eagle rider when i fly above the winds
And i’m climbing higher, so much higher than i’ve been

I see the world below spinning in the breeze
The giants seem much smaller here
Now i’m living in my dreams
I love the spirits voice it’s teaching me to fly
It’s time for a rediscovery
As i fall into the sky

I’m going up, not coming down, i’m going up, not coming down.
Hello, hello, goodbye.

Written by delirious? ©2008 curious? music uk

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