Delirious – Alien Lyrics

Song lyrics and youtube music videos for the song Alien performed by Delirious. Gospel song Alien on the voice of Delirious here on christian music videos online. Lyrics for the worship song Alien sung by christian gospel artist and singer Delirious.

I feel a stranger in this land.
Where every step the gods command.
I breathe and children wander fatherless,
Through fields that spent their happiness.
I grieve.
Take them away to a higher place.
Give me a day ‘cos i’m losing (face)

And i’ve never felt so alien.
Yes i’ve never felt so alien.

I feel danger every day,
With every stone we throw away.
Careful it’s falling,
And who will sing a difference song?
I hope to god it won’t be long.
Show me a way to a higher place.
Why is there sunshine on my guilty face?

Yes you are brighter than the sun.
Only your love can make us one.
Jesus you’re brighter than the sun.
Only your love.

Written by martin smith ©2001 curious? music uk

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