Delirious – All This Time

Delirious? - All This Time

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Delirious – All This Time Lyrics

I’m a father and a son; i’ve been a lover with just one,
But this world can get me all undone,
And i’m frightened i’m the only one.
I wrestle with the thoughts i keep,
If i sow the seed of arrogance then it’s loneliness i’ll reap,
It’s loneliness i’ll reap.

Please don’t leave me stranded here,
With a head of lies and a heart of fear.
My life’s a show on gods tv,
The world an audience, watching me.

So wake me, shake me, keep me sharp,
As i touch the power of gods great harp.
And this world can fill your head with praise,
That steals me from eternal grace.
So how can i serve god and wealth?
I can captivate an army, but i can’t control myself.
I can’t control myself.

Ghostly figure out at sea, i hear a voice that’s calling me,
To walk upon the waves of faith.
For in the arms of god, i am safe.

All this time, since the day that i was born,
I’ve never known a time like this,
I don’t wanna let you down.

I will sing, sing for your light has come.

Written by delirious? ©2005 curious? music uk

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Delirious – All This Time Image

Delirious – All This Time

Delirious – All This Time
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