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Delirious – America

America by Delirious? from Audio Lessonover (2001)

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Delirious – America Lyrics

America you’re too young to die.
England you’re too old to cry.
He’s got the whole world in his hand.
India, you’re too hurt to try.
India, you shake beneath the blackened sky.
We’ve got the whole world in our hands.

Everybody come on,
It’s time to sing a new song.
Everybody come on,
It’s time to say we belong.

Africa, you’re too young to die.
I look at you and hear the angels cry.
The hour glass is running out of sand.

Where can a man go, if he’s fallen to his his knees?
How can a mother free her children from disease?
Where can a river run if it cannot clean itself?
Where can a man go from the curses of his wealth?

Well everybody come on.

Written by martin smith ©2001 curious? music uk

Delirious – America Image

Delirious – America

Delirious – America
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