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Dave Barnes Biography

Dave Barnes is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter (born June 20, 1978). There are strong elements of soul and R&B in Dave's new material, indicative of the diverse influences exerted on him during his childhood in the deep south. Here is some background information on Dave Barnes from the Mine To Love Songfacts: Barnes gained a lot of recognition after his song "God Gave Me You" became a hit single for Blake Shelton. Barnes' fifth album, Stories To Tell was his first release since his breakthrough. Read more on Last.fm

Dave Barnes – Graces Amazing Hands

(58 votes, average: 6.92 out of 10)

Grace’s amazing hands, they hold me They’re as soft as a feather bed She would never try to scould me She knows the words that work instead I always thought that love was frightening I always thought it’d be so rough Love has sent me down an angel baby I knew it was grace, just..


Dave Barnes – Carry Me Through

(28 votes, average: 9.71 out of 10)

There’s a mountain Here before me And i’m going to climb it With strength not my own He’s gonna lead me Or the mountain beats me Carry me through Carry me through There’s a river Here before me And i’m gonna cross it With strength not my own He’s gonna save me Or the river..


Dave Barnes – Chameleon

(30 votes, average: 8.84 out of 10)

Chameleon, you’re breaking his heart It’s in pieces on the ground – all apart There’s nothing that that boy won’t do when it comes to you Chameleon, you know that it’s wrong But it’s fun to have someone you can pull along The way you treat that boy ain’t fair, but he don’t care What..


Dave Barnes – Darlin

(100 votes, average: 6.69 out of 10)

Darlin’ let down your hair Let those worries blow out into the summer air Kick up your feet and baby you can leave them there Darlin’ lets take our q’s From the clouds in the sky blowing by without a thing to do. No where to wait but wasting this day with you We’re all..


Dave Barnes – God Gave Me You

(8 votes, average: 7.12 out of 10)

I’ve been a walking heartache   I’ve made a mess of me   The person that I’ve been lately   Ain’t who I wanna be     But you stay here right beside me   Watch as the storm goes through   And I need you     God gave me you for the ups..