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Darlene Zschech Biography

Darlene Zschech is an Australian singer-songwriter and worship pastor of the famous Hillsong Church, Sydney. Zschech's best known song is "Shout to the Lord", sung by an estimated 25–30 million christians every week. She also leads the Hillsong Conference music team each year at Olympic Park, Sydney. Read more on Last.fm

Darlene Zschech – Everlasting

(20 votes, average: 8.56 out of 10)

Lord, i want to know you more; Follow you with all my heart and soul. Lord, i want to know your voice. Lead me in your way, everlasting. Show me your ways, Teach me and guide me in your truth, my savior. Confide in me, speak mysteries, My heart is longing for your touch. For..


Darlene Zschech – Change Your World

(12 votes, average: 9.93 out of 10)

Though i’m many miles away How could i forget the day I held you close And my heart was changed forever Though i’m many miles away I’ll forever hear you say I am your child Please will you love me Won’t you stay My little one I live to change your world I live to..


Darlene Zschech – Call Upon His Name

(96 votes, average: 8.53 out of 10)

Not to us oh god But to your name all glory We give thanks and praise To you alone forever Praise him all the earth All creation bows to you Nations stand in awe He is the king of glory To you oh lord You reign in heaven and on the earth To you alone..


Darlene Zschech – Agnus Dei

(69 votes, average: 8.66 out of 10)

Alleluia alleluia For our lord god almighty reigns Alleluia alleluia For our lord god almighty reigns Alleluia Holy holy Are you lord god almighty Worthy is the lamb Worthy is the lamb You are holy Holy Are you lord god almighty Worthy is the lamb Worthy is the lamb Amen


Lincoln Brewster Featuring Darlene Zschech – Power Of Your Name

(75 votes, average: 6.70 out of 10)

Surely children weren’t made for the streets And fathers were not made to leave Surely this isn’t how it should be Let Your Kingdom come Surely nations were not made for war Or the broken meant to be ignored Surely this just can’t be what You saw Let Your Kingdom come Here in my heart..