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Song lyrics and youtube music videos for the song Chameleon performed by Dave Barnes. Gospel song Chameleon on the voice of Dave Barnes here on christian music videos online. Lyrics for the worship song Chameleon sung by christian gospel artist and singer Dave Barnes.

Chameleon, you’re breaking his heart
It’s in pieces on the ground – all apart
There’s nothing that that boy won’t do when it comes to you

Chameleon, you know that it’s wrong
But it’s fun to have someone you can pull along
The way you treat that boy ain’t fair, but he don’t care

What does it mean if you know you don’t mean it?
What does it say if you got nothing to say?

He’s just your silly little thing hanging on a string
Waiting by the phone praying it’ll ring
You know it ain’t right
Cause you’re never gonna do what he wants to
Kneeling by the bed, praying it true
You know it ain’t right

Chameleon, what’s he gonna do?
You gloss them lips, shake them hips
Honey, what’s wrong with you?
He’ll follow you wherever you go, and i know you know

You ain’t gotta tell me, he fell too fast
But would you just tell him it ain’t gonna last?

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