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Josh Wilson – Listen Lyrics

Well i live too loud and i talk too much
But somehow i don’t see it as such
Seems like what i love the most
Is the sound of my own voice

I pray my list and i say my piece
I check you off but i’m incomplete
Seems like what i’m missing most
Is the sound of your voice

So why is it so hard for me
To shut my mouth and let you speak
Why do i feel the need to always keep on talking
Well i know i need to hear from you
I know what i have got to do
To find what i’ve been missing
I’ve got to learn to listen

A wise man hears before he speaks
He knows he doesn’t know everything
I wish that sounded more like me
But i have got so far to go

Why is my first reaction
To give my own opinion
Like i could tell you something
You don’t already know

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Josh Wilson – Listen

Josh Wilson – Listen
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