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Video Josh Wilson – Tell Me

Josh Wilson – Tell Me Lyrics

Tell me again, tell me again, tell me
Tell me again, our redemption story
Tell me again, tell me again, would you please

I never get tired, never tire of hearing
The way that you care for the worn and weary
I never get tired, hearing how you set us free
So would you please, oh please

Tell me that you love me like a father
Tell me that you call us sons and daughters
Tell me how you make a broken world redeemed
Oh please, tell me

Doesn’t make sense, doesn’t make sense to me
You give me all your love when i shouldn’t get any
Doesn’t make sense, doesn’t make any sense to me

I’m the worst one, i’m the one who’s wondering
Why have i been, have i been forgiven?
I’m the worst one, wondering why you set us free
But if you say we’re free, then we are free