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Videos Hillsong Worship – One Thing

Hillsong Worship – One Thing Lyrics

I tasted the world
Seen more than enough
Its promises fleeting
Of water and wine i emptied the cup
And found myself wanting
But there is a well that never runs dry
The water of life, the blood of the vine

Cause all i know is
Everything i have means nothing
Jesus if you’re not my one thing
Everything i need right now
All i need is you right now

Just one thing i ask and this i will seek
If only to know you
To be where you are and go where you lead
My god i will follow
The things of this world i’ve counted as loss
I lay it all down to take up this cross

Cause all i want is
Everything you are and nothing
Jesus if you’re not my one thing
Everything to me right now

And i’ll sing
Whoa, whoa
I want nothing but to know you
And to be with you my god
And i’ll sing
Whoa, whoa
And with everything within me
I will worship you my god