Sarah Masen – Come In

Sarah Masen - 8 - Come In (1996)

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Sarah Masen – Come In Lyrics

If you re standing next to someone
Who doesn’t know your name
Come in pull up a chair
You and me. we’re the same

This is the palace of the thinkers.
Dreamers. in-betweeners
The broken record-players
Hearing something in this music
Here the wind blows softly,
Carrying a note forever
Cradling the melody of hope

If you’re screaming in the dark
And no one hears your voice
Welcome to this whole new world of
Come in friend sit down

Oh it’s the atmosphere of truth
With an offering of peace
Under your flesh of weathered pride
So many broken dreams
Fallen man and other things

If you’re reaching out
To no one and holding in a smile
Come in and know your name
Friend, i’m listening

Sarah Masen – Come In Image

Sarah Masen – Come In

Sarah Masen – Come In
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