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Video Jimmy Needham – Not Without Love

Not Without Love (Benediction) - Jimmy needham

Jimmy Needham – Not Without Love Lyrics

I tried lord
I tried lord
I tried hard to be your good little boy
Chin up, head high
All zeal and no joy
Thinking all my good deeds could please jesus
Boy, was i wrong
Though i knew the right songs, all my cymbals and gongs played the melodies wrong
And it wasn’t long ’til i saw my disease
A life spent wanting to please
On hands and knees
To make right, to appease
God help me please
This can’t be christianity, it can’t be
The whole thing’s like insanity
Where’s the rest of eternal security?
Where’s the hope of a god big enough to cope with all my hang-ups and insecurities?
Certainly this isn’t breathing
My chest burning and heaving
It’s like my pulse is ceasing
Like my heart quits beating
Yet this i recall to mind and therefore i have hope:
You died, lord
You died, lord
Assuredly, like the coming of the dawn, the father’s love song goes on
Drowning out my bitter songs
And breaking through walls and barriers
Christ swoops in, removes sin, picks up his bride and carries her
So i can sing in agreement with the king this thing:
There’s only one thing that pleases the father
The god-man on the tree in the midst of the scoffers
Now i finally see that christ is what christ offers
And i’m finally free in the love of the father