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Bleach – Clear The Air

Clear the Air - Bleach

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Bleach – Clear The Air Lyrics

Hold up, hold on, i think this thing has gone too far
And now i’m stuck in the middle and it’s falling apart.
I can’t wait to get some sunny weather
That brings all of us together again.

I think it’s getting real strange in here and we better clear the air.

This time it’s gone too far, this time it’s a whole lot different.
You’ve nailed each other to the wall and no one’s going to win
(like this). it’s gone too far and there’s a lot more distance.
You should remember who you are. you better right the wrongs.

Your tongue is a knot. there’s blood on the floor.
And i think these frozen words can kill and you’re killing each other with them.
What’s it gonna take for you both to clear your heads
And put down all your pride before you both just end up dumb and dead to it?

I think it’s way past getting strange in here and you better clear the air.


Hold up, hold on, i think it’s gonna be too far.
Hold up, hold on, now you should be moving on.
Hold up, hold on, you really ought to know who you are.
So you better fix it all before the fall…

Bleach – Clear The Air Image

Bleach – Clear The Air

Bleach – Clear The Air
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