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Sanctus Real is a popular Christian rock band known for their straight-ahead rock and unique vocals. Five- piece from Toledo, Ohio Matt Hammitt (lead vocals), Mark Graalman (drums), Chris Rohman and Pete Prevost (guitars), and Dan Gartley replacing Steve Goodrum(bass). Often quoted as "Electrifying Christian Rock" with the rock edge of bands like Foo Fighters and songwriting of Matchbox 20. They are mostly known for a trio of chart-topping hits—“Everything About You,” “The Fight Song” and a cover of U2’s “Beautiful Day”. Read more on

Sanctus Real – Lead Me

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I look around   And see my wonderful life   Almost perfect from the outside   In picture frames I see my beautiful wife   Always smilin’   But on the inside…   I can hear her sayin’…     “Lead me with strong hands   Stand up when I can’t   Don’t leave me..