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Phil Wickham Biography

Phil Wickham is a Contemporary Christian music vocalist/songwriter and guitarist from California. Wickham has released six albums, Give You My World in 2003, a self-titled album in 2006, Cannons in 2007, singalong in 2008, Heaven and Earth in 2009, Response in 2011 and The Ascension in 2013 Born in Orange County son of well-known worship leader John Wickham. He moved to San Diego in the middle of junior high school, which spawned his career. Asked by his youth pastor to lead worship at the age of 12 Read more on

Phil Wickham – Cannons

(46 votes, average: 7.37 out of 10)

It’s falling from the clouds A strange and lovely sound I hear it in the thunder and rain It’s ringing in the skies Like cannons in the night The music of the universe plays Singing… You are holy, great and mighty The moon and the stars declare who you are I’m so unworthy, but still..


Phil Wickham – Because Of Your Love

(46 votes, average: 7.83 out of 10)

Jesus you endured my pain Savior you bore all my shame All because of your love All because of your love Maker of the universe Broken for the sins of the earth All because of your love All because of your love Because of your cross my debt is paid Because of your blood my..


Phil Wickham – Always Forever

(74 votes, average: 9.59 out of 10)

You are the hand that catches my fall You are the friend that answers my call You are my day, you are my night You are my love and all of my life You are the love i need You are the air i breathe You are my love my life always forever I would..


Phil Wickham – After Your Heart

(66 votes, average: 6.44 out of 10)

Can i have your attention? What are we starting here? Just look around you ’cause the answer is clear Listen, listen and hear the coming sound All of the children are singing it loud Let’s be the revolution That lives for holding nothing back, nothing back We’re after your heart, after your heart All of..


Phil Wickham – This Is Amazing Grace

(26 votes, average: 6.58 out of 10)

Who breaks the power of sin and darkness Whose love is mighty and so much stronger The king of glory, the king above all kings Who shakes the whole earth with holy thunder And leaves us breathless in awe and wonder The king of glory, the king above all kings This is amazing grace This..