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Fee Biography

There are at least five artists that go by the name Fee: 1. Fee is a Christian rock and Contemporary worship music band from Alpharetta, Georgia, United States named for the group's founder and front-man Steve Fee. Fee is most known for their hit single, "All Because of Jesus", which peaked at #2 on Billboard's Hot Christian AC Chart, and at #14 on the Hot Christian Songs chart. http://www.feeband.com/ 2. Fee is a five piece poprock band formed in 2004 in Japan. Read more on Last.fm

Fee – Everything Falls

(20 votes, average: 6.34 out of 10)

You said you’d never leave or forsake me   When you said, this life is gonna shake me   And you said this world is gonna bring trouble on my soul   This I know     When everything falls apart your arms hold me together   When everything falls apart you’re the only hope..


Fee – Your Love Is Better Than Life

(69 votes, average: 6.92 out of 10)

It’s to high to measure It’s to great a treasure Longer than forever Its inconceivable Big enough to live in Deep enough to swim in Breathing out just to breathe in Its overtaken my soul How high How deep How great is your love for me Its making my heart sing Your love Your perfect..


Fee – We Crown You

(14 votes, average: 7.50 out of 10)

All hail the power of jesus’ name The wonders of his grace, our saviour All bow before the king of love Our treasure and our god, redeemer There is none more holy, great, and mighty No one like our god King of kings and god of grace (we crown you, we crown you) Our redeemer..


Fee – Glory To God Forever

(18 votes, average: 8.27 out of 10)

Before the world was made Before you spoke it to be You were the king of kings Yeah, you were, yeah, you were And now you’re reigning still Enthroned above all things Angels and saints cry out We join them as we sing Glory to god, glory to god Glory to god, forever Glory to..


Fee – Greatly To Be Praised

(9 votes, average: 8.96 out of 10)

Lift your eyes, lift your eyes to the one Who’s reigning over us, for he has overcome Fill the skies, fill the skies with a song As heaven sings along, to glorify the son Who is like you, none compare There’s no one like our god Great and greatly to be praised Name above all..


Fee – Arms That Hold The Universe

(29 votes, average: 7.70 out of 10)

I know it seems Like this could be The darkest day you’ve known But believe you me The god of strength Will never let you go He will overcome, i know And the arms that hold the universe Are holding you tonight You can rest inside It’s gonna be alright And the voice that calmed..


Fee – Rise And Sing

(69 votes, average: 9.17 out of 10)

Whoooaaaaa If you’re alive and you’ve been redeemed, rise & sing, rise & sing. If you’ve been touched by the mercy king, rise & sing, rise & sing. Whoooaaaaa If you were bound but now you’re free, rise & sing, rise & sing. Lift up a shout of victory, rise & sing, rise & sing…


Fee – We Shine

(75 votes, average: 8.35 out of 10)

Yeah, yeah, we shine, we shine with the light of god And when we speak we speak with words of love And when we dance we may get a little wild ’cause we’re the people of god, yeah, the people of god When we sing we sing the angel’s song The ones they’re singing around..


Fee – Hands Of The Healer

(29 votes, average: 6.44 out of 10)

Blood flows down Blood flows down Flowing from the hands of the healer Death is bound Death is bound It’s broken in the hands of the healer So beautiful So beautiful So beautiful your love Glory to the king who gave his life Glory to the lamb of sacrifice Beautiful and broken, holiness and love..