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Audio Adrenaline Biography

Audio Adrenaline is a Christian rock band formed in the 1989 at Kentucky Christian College in Grayson, Kentucky, United States. Along with dc Talk, Newsboys, and Jars of Clay, they quickly became one of the most successful Christian pop/rock bands of the 90s. They are best known for their 1993 hit "Big House," and were a main attraction at the annual Creation Festival, Spirit West Coast festival, and Agape Music Festival. Audio Adrenaline was also a staple at the Alive Music Festival where it taped its live concert DVD "Worldwide." Read more on

Audio Adrenaline – Hands And Feet

(13 votes, average: 7.00 out of 10)

An image flashed across my tv screen Another broken heart comes in to view I saw the pain and i turned my back Why can’t i do the things i want to? I’m willing yet i’m so afraid You give me strength When i say I want to be your hands I want to be..


Audio Adrenaline – Rejoice

(88 votes, average: 8.34 out of 10)

I’ll sing this song just as long as I’m breathing And I’m feeling good, I’m feeling right Come sing a song a song of freedom Sing every morning and into the night You’ve got to tell everyone in the land Come on, come on Tell every girl, boy, woman, and man Rejoice, rejoice That God’s..


Audio Adrenaline – Some Kind Of Zombie

(64 votes, average: 7.29 out of 10)

I must have been confused or vain To let this evil in my brain Lord, did I enjoy the change That You made inside my heart? Oh, here they come, I?m not afraid There?s no temptation I can?t evade Stand up straight, look through the haze I begin to walk through the maze Here they..


Audio Adrenaline – Ocean Floor

(55 votes, average: 7.72 out of 10)

The mistakes i’ve made, that caused pain I could have done without, all my selfish thoughts All my pride, the things i hide You have forgot about They’re all behind you, they’ll never find you They’re on the ocean floor, your sins are forgotten They’re on the bottom, of the ocean floor My misdeeds, all..


Audio Adrenaline – We’re A Band

(98 votes, average: 9.80 out of 10)

Freak! is what the world calls me They don’t understand so they try to stop me. Hide! i can’t hide so i stand up straight with christ by my side No, no, no, no, need to be tongue-tied So i say it loud, and i say it with pride Died, he died, christ gave it..


Audio Adrenaline – P.d.a.

(41 votes, average: 6.51 out of 10)

Juliet and romeo sitting on the patio Looks like they’re under a mistletoe They think it’s true love that they show What they need to make convey Is the love of god today That’s what they need to make display Pda Show your brother Show your sister Show your mother That jesus really loves her..


Audio Adrenaline – Get Down

(35 votes, average: 9.75 out of 10)

Lavishly our lives are wasted Humbleness is left untasted You can’t live your life to please yourself (yeah) That’s a tip from my mistakes Exactly what it doesn’t take To win you’ve got to come in last place (yeah) To live your life you’ve got to lose it And all the losers get a crown..


Audio Adrenaline – Church Punks

(65 votes, average: 9.42 out of 10)

Church punks Forget the politics And all the hypocrites You know the body’s sick From religion, indecision, mediocrity You think you’re too young You say you’re too dumb Wait ’til tomorrow comes But today is the day You’ve got to show the way I say… Hey now now We’re calling you out Never back down..