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Above The Golden State Biography

For Michael Watson, songwriter and lead vocalist of Portland, Oregon- based band Above the Golden State, there has never been an inkling of doubt as to why he is doing what he is doing. In no uncertain terms, he explains: “Music is from God and for God. And I believe God is raising up a new generation of young musicians who want to see music being used for its original purpose—to glorify God.” Lush, moving, and wildly infectious, you can sense that there is something beyond the ordinary surrounding Watson and his songs. Read more on Last.fm

Above The Golden State – Scared

(59 votes, average: 8.68 out of 10)

I am scared, i’m afraid Mercy me with your grace My heart said in brokenness I want to see your face Don’t you hide, don’t you leave Don’t you turn away from me ?cause if you go i’ll be forsaken Who will be my soul?s salvation? Lord, hear my cry, hear my heart Here i..


Above The Golden State – Chapter 13

(24 votes, average: 6.24 out of 10)

1 if i speak with the tongues of men and of angels, But do not have love, i have become a noisy gong or A clanging cymbal. 2 if i have the gift of prophecy, And know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if i Have all faith, so as to remove mountains, But do..


Above The Golden State – The Haunting

(29 votes, average: 8.41 out of 10)

Stone’s throw away I can see his agony start to bleed Stone’s throw away I can hear his adamant plea, ?let it pass from me?, yeah Save lord, i pray Save me from my enemy who prowls in deep And i’ll fight to stay awake My spirit wills, my flesh is weak, so i fall..


Above The Golden State – Comeback

(60 votes, average: 7.71 out of 10)

Down, down, like an aeroplane Storm hit with a world of hate I was holding on But still falling to the ground Turn, turn in the hurricane Wind hit with the heavy rain You were calling out But i never heard a sound And so i’ll go back where we started (down, down) I forgot..


Above The Golden State – The Golden Rule

(10 votes, average: 9.80 out of 10)

From my apartment in my bedroom To the sound of your headphones We can dream of california Like it won’t run out of gold And i could sing the same thing over But to me it don’t get old With the same hooks and the same words You already know I’m still learning to live..


Above The Golden State – Streets

(89 votes, average: 6.13 out of 10)

When shadows turn to faces When faces take on names When names tell us their stories Of their brokenness and pain When love flows through the cities Through the grid of all the streets Under bridges in the alleys Like blood through our veins Love is real Love will bleed Love will heal, love Love..


Above The Golden State – Chance To Love

(9 votes, average: 8.36 out of 10)

Why would i bother speaking If my words weren’t meant to share Why would i bother breathing If my lungs don’t need the air Why would my heart keep drumming on If there’s no will here to live I don’t want to give up ’cause today’s a chance to love I don’t want to give..


Above The Golden State – I Am Loved

(95 votes, average: 8.62 out of 10)

I didn’t think this could happen to me I wanted the easy road I had my parade, but it started to rain And now it looks out of control Why do i feel like your hiding? Oh remind me again I am loved I am yours I have someone beside me, i can’t deny I..


Above The Golden State – Real To Reel

(94 votes, average: 7.90 out of 10)

My life has scripted lines like a movie And you’re listening now My director?s watchful eye is recording Every move and sound The camera’s on, three, two, one, everyday Because it won’t be long ?til it’s done And tomorrow will bring the awesome rising sun Like a preview of what’s to come Watch me go..


Above The Golden State – Sound Of Your Name

(74 votes, average: 6.65 out of 10)

I tried and tried a thousand times i tried to get to you But i could never move I had to lie, i’d fall behind and blame it all on you ?cause i still hate to lose Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Towers fall and kingdoms crumble The mountains bow and the earth will..