Revive – Promise Of Tomorrow Lyrics

Song lyrics and youtube music videos for the song Promise Of Tomorrow performed by Revive. Gospel song Promise Of Tomorrow on the voice of Revive here on christian music videos online. Lyrics for the worship song Promise Of Tomorrow sung by christian gospel artist and singer Revive.

All alone, so dark
I can’t see my feet in chains
So cold can’t feel my fingertips
In a cage where no animal would dare to go
Is now where i call home
Oh, i am free by the blood on the tree
And we cry

This is all i can give
It hurts just to live
But i will stand with you

Yes i will fan the flame
And i’ll bear your name
And i will stand in you
The promise of tomorrow

How do i fight the good fight
When i’m so alone
I just want to go home
And i know
There is a reason you sent me here
So your servant goes on

You have proven your love
That you’d give up your one and only son
We fall down on our knees
As we follow you
Now without fear
And we cry
The promise of tomorrow…

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