Revive – Sit With Me

(57 votes, average: 8.53 out of 10)

I know i’ve seen this before You fill your life with so much more Than you were made for And as your days become so busy You find your heart’s become uneasy As you try to please me But leave your worries and fears behind Let your heart be still with mine ’cause i would..


Revive – Promise Of Tomorrow

(86 votes, average: 7.68 out of 10)

All alone, so dark I can’t see my feet in chains So cold can’t feel my fingertips In a cage where no animal would dare to go Is now where i call home Oh, i am free by the blood on the tree And we cry This is all i can give It hurts just..


Revive – Power

(64 votes, average: 7.64 out of 10)

There ain’t no mind big enough to know your glory Nor words enough to sing your praise We can only dream of times to come when You bring an end to all these days We’ll be welcomed in And all we do is cry Power, glory, honor to you our king, we sing Power, glory,..


Revive – My Hope

(94 votes, average: 7.47 out of 10)

What have we lost In the name of progress What have gained In the wake our success I don’t wanna live like this How can we live like this What have we done That will be remembered What have we built That is everlasting I don’t wanna live like this How can we live like..


Revive – Love Rule Today

(24 votes, average: 6.61 out of 10)

I walked past a man in need today Told myself i didn’t have the time It’s always easier to look away And justify excuses in my mind Let love rule today Let it be more than something i just say Let it be too real And more than what i feel Let love rule today..


Revive – Hold On Love

(83 votes, average: 9.91 out of 10)

There’s fear in your eyes As you face the unknown You keep asking why For a reason to hold on But hold on love The life that you plan The dreams are all gone You don’t understand why you should hold on But hold on love I’ll be here Whatever comes your way I’ll be..


Revive – Dont Look Anywhere Else

(47 votes, average: 9.16 out of 10)

Danger comes with everyday When we’re working so hard to just get paid And we lose our way And we can’t hear him crying Don’t look anywhere else for life Don’t look anywhere else for meaning There’s nowhere else to find Your peace of mind Cause i’m all you need And i’m all yours We..


Revive – Dont Give Up The Fight

(44 votes, average: 9.77 out of 10)

Looks like another year I see you standing here I know it’s always such an uphill battle Feels like you’re winning then You’re gonna lose again And everyday you’re going round in circles Know how you’re feeling I’ve been there before You wanna run You can’t take much more I’m here to help you see..


Revive – Disant Memories

(100 votes, average: 6.72 out of 10)

Flash forward a century In an overgrown cemetery My tombstone lays so peacefully Dirt and grime over time slowly cover up the line: “he lived a full life, and so wonderfully” But no one remembers that life I’m just history Nothing more than distant little memories But i am in a place where I never..


Revive – Chorus Of The Saints

(77 votes, average: 7.36 out of 10)

There’s the redeemed lost again Confused with doubts and suffering But if only they’d open up their eyes And see the beauty of their god, who has never left their side This is the chorus of the saints singing “hallelujah! Our god is faithful!” We the redeemed are lost again With misplaced trust and desire..