Jimmy Needham – Come Around

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Jimmy Needham – Come Around Lyrics

I thought i’d win them all with words
I’d say a smooth little line to win the room every time
And they’d be moved by what they heard
My tongue as empty as my heart
It’s not enough to play the part
O jesus give me more than words

We pass out paper facts all week but they won’t come around
Apologetic reasoning, but they won’t come around, come around
There’s only one way they’ll come and it’s love

I am a one man marching band
And you’ll be mighty surprised to realize just how i’m playing my songs
It’s all live music ten till one
Come hear some cymbal crashing, son
And maybe hear me beat the gong

Men with other men loving the mammon more than god
Man, they’re in a sinking ship and who can save them?
God can
Maybe for a minute i can get back to the heart of it
Sure i’ve got zeal, but does love have a part in it?
Passionate words and beautiful phrases
They just don’t mean much if i don’t have jesus in it

And it’s love

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Jimmy Needham – Come Around Image

Jimmy Needham – Come Around

Jimmy Needham – Come Around
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