Audio Adrenaline – Ocean Floor

(55 votes, average: 7.72 out of 10)

The mistakes i’ve made, that caused pain I could have done without, all my selfish thoughts All my pride, the things i hide You have forgot about They’re all behind you, they’ll never find you They’re on the ocean floor, your sins are forgotten They’re on the bottom, of the ocean floor My misdeeds, all..


Addison Road – What Do I Know Of Holy

(17 votes, average: 8.56 out of 10)

Made you promises a thousand times I tried to hear from heaven But i talked the whole time I think i made you too small I never feared you at all no If you touched my face would i know you? Looked into my eyes could i behold you? What do i know of you..


MercyMe – Dear Younger Me

(82 votes, average: 8.25 out of 10)

Dear younger me Where do i start If i could tell you everything that i have learned so far Then you could be One step ahead Of all the painful memories still running thru my head I wonder how much different things would be Dear younger me, dear younger me Dear younger me I cannot..