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Roland Stephen Taylor (born December 9, 1957) is an American singer, songwriter, and director born in Brawley, California, and reared in Denver, Colorado. Taylor's life took an unusual turn in 1979 when he was first of the 100 chosen, from 20,000 applicants, to spend the summer at John Davidson's summer camp. At the camp, Taylor spent time learning from singers like Tony Orlando, Florence Henderson, and John Davidson. Also that year, Taylor heard one of his biggest influences, The Clash's London Calling. Read more on

Steve Taylor – On The Fritz

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He wished to right the wrongs He sang religious songs He kept the private he Under a lock and key Heat keeps rising in an age of passion Shakes a conscience to the core Stopgap, hand-slap, take a tongue-lashing My poor soul can’t take any more On the fritz On the fritz There he sits..