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Kutless Biography

Kutless is a Christian alternative band, originally from Portland, Oregon, specializing in melodic hard rock. The band gets their name from the promise made in Romans 6:23. The band says, "He took the cuts for us...making us Kutless." Kutless consist of Jon Micah Sumrall (vocals), James Mead (guitar), Dave Luetkenhoelter (bass), and Jeff Gilbert (drums) and Nick Departee (guitar). Kutless's albums are released by BEC Recordings, a company owned by Tooth & Nail Records. Read more on Last.fm

Kutless – What Faith Can Do

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Everybody falls sometimes   Gotta find the strength to rise   From the ashes   And make a new beginning     Anyone can feel the ache   You think it’s more than you can take   But you’re stronger   Stronger than you know     Don’t you give up now   The sun..