Addison Road – Hope Now

(93 votes, average: 9.76 out of 10)

If everything comes down to love Then just what am i afraid of When i call out your name Something inside awakes in my soul How quickly i forget i’m yours I’m not my own I’ve been carried by you All my life Everything rides on hope now Everything rides on faith somehow When the..


Addison Road – Start Over Again

(97 votes, average: 8.25 out of 10)

Open up your eyes Awake, arise Love like a hand reaches down And pulls us up from the dirty ground Now is the time To step from the dark into the light Cause you can’t change what you’ve done But you can choose who you’ll become (chorus) Every moment is a second chance At starting..


Addison Road – Casualties

(82 votes, average: 8.17 out of 10)

He sees his life just pass by Just another number in a suit and tie No purpose here nothing to give Is this what it means to really live? His feet never touch the ground His days fly by, he can’t slow down Casualties of the american dream Have we lost our vision Drifting off..


Addison Road – Need You Now

(30 votes, average: 7.85 out of 10)

I’ve been trying to win Trying to fend for myself way too long Living in doubt, living without, i’ve been so alone I know that i need you, and i know that i need you now I was wasting my time trying to find Something real for my soul And now that i am here,..


Addison Road – My Story

(18 votes, average: 6.31 out of 10)

This is not another song about the reasons i am stressed This is not melody to get the feelings off my chest This is not a pop song written for the radio These are just my thoughts and what i’m praying for If this is my story, if this is my song I wanna be..


Addison Road – Who I Am In You

(28 votes, average: 6.67 out of 10)

Secrets they were killing me Pulled me under in too deep All those shadows they don’t let go Easily But everything i covered up Is opening inside your love Let your grace illuminate The heart in me Oh, you’re bringing me to life And i’m finding who i am in you Who i am in..


Addison Road – Sticking With You

(53 votes, average: 6.83 out of 10)

Come on, it’s me you’re talking to There’s something going on inside of you Don’t have to say it, but i wish you would ’cause it would be much easier You always hide behind yourself You walk a lonely road with no one’s help I hate to break the news You’re headed for a fall..


Addison Road – Fight Another Day

(27 votes, average: 8.97 out of 10)

Your broken dreams, your crazy schemes They always let you down The things we chase, a hopeless race You’re breathless on the ground From soaring heights to crashing dives A peace yet to be found But you could spend a lifetime running You could spend a lifetime running And do you feel the fire when..


Addison Road – The Only Thing

(29 votes, average: 7.76 out of 10)

Late at night Trying to find some sleep But i can’t close my eyes Feel the need for change On the inside I need something It’s a perfect road That leads me straight to you I know it I feel it in the waves of love Unspoken In a love i don’t deserve The only..


Addison Road – All That Matters

(24 votes, average: 9.60 out of 10)

I may never be the one that gets a second glance I may never be the one they call the prettiest But that’s alright with me And maybe i don’t follow every crazy passion Spend all my time trying to get a good reaction But that’s ok with me This world is like a trampoline..