Above The Golden State – Real To Reel

(94 votes, average: 7.90 out of 10)

My life has scripted lines like a movie And you’re listening now My director?s watchful eye is recording Every move and sound The camera’s on, three, two, one, everyday Because it won’t be long ?til it’s done And tomorrow will bring the awesome rising sun Like a preview of what’s to come Watch me go..


Above The Golden State – Sound Of Your Name

(74 votes, average: 6.65 out of 10)

I tried and tried a thousand times i tried to get to you But i could never move I had to lie, i’d fall behind and blame it all on you ?cause i still hate to lose Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Towers fall and kingdoms crumble The mountains bow and the earth will..


Above The Golden State – Loud And Clear

(53 votes, average: 7.66 out of 10)

I’m not afraid to hear the silence I’m not afraid when i’m alone And i’ve seen a symphony of sunsets Ooh, but i wanna know you as i’m known I can hear you loud and clear You’re the song inside my head The melody i can’t forget Louder than the world i’m in You’re the..


Above The Golden State – I’ll Love You So

(52 votes, average: 6.42 out of 10)

I feel the sun, it’s returned again To chase the cold far away I’m not alone to fight the world i’m in You gave me hope for better days I was searching for a friend like no other I never thought you’d come my way Everything i give to you I’ll love you so Everything..


Above The Golden State – Gaze Into Your Eyes

(64 votes, average: 9.41 out of 10)

I lift my eyes to behold your beauty And i can feel your heavenly pull You meet my eyes, with your love enfold me To rest upon, the gaze of my soul In front of me is the figure i long for And i will turn to see no one else But i’m consumed by..